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   Protect Your Home from Termites

Termites are not an imported species, but occur naturally throughout Australia, although only a few species are a serious threat to wooden buildings because they eat wood and any material containing cellulose plant fibre.termite ready to fly off and reproduce. Flying termite ready to reproduce. drawing of a termite . Worker termite.
This means materials such as cardboard, old untreated off cuts of wood left lying around are irresistible to termites. If left untreated, termites can damage the strength and look of your home or building, causing costly repairs, especially if you had intended to sell your property.

termite colonyTermite nests are usually beneath the surface of the soil as they need moisture to survive, and their point of entry into your home or building can go unnoticed. Even the most serious structural damage may take a long time to become visible.

If you suspect termites are on your property call us for an inspection by a licensed pesticide operator.

If you suspect you do have a termite infestation, don't panic. There are control methods and treatments that can help maintain and manage your pest problem.

Chemical barriers, and monitoring of termite colonies and movements within your home and property are available.

Remember, termites can access your home and furniture via a tiny crack in cement or brickwork.
Professional opertors can detect signs of their presence long before untrained operators.

   Barrier treatments of existing buildings

Pesticide may be injected into soil around footings and the base of stumps or pillars,
and trench treatments can also be carried out. Similar treatment around the perimeter of a building may also be required.

Under exceptional circumstances, such as in a major termite infestation, a treatment inside a cavity wall of the building may be required. If this applies to your circumstances, an application will be sent to the Department of Health for an approval.

Spot treatment of active infestations can be treated with a special termiticide powder. This powder is applied to active termites so that when it is carried back to the nest it eradicates the colony.

The property will then need to re-inspected 10-14 days later to monitor
for any signs of activity. If termites are still active, a further dusting will be
carried out. Repeated treatments may be conducted until no further activity
is detected. Nests in trees or tree stumps can also treated via other methods..


site inspections
drilling termite barrier
termite damage under wash basin

   How do you know if you have Termites?

The answer is simple - phone Perth based AllType Pest Control and Management to have the problem removed.
No fuss - just one phone call is all it takes to be rid of the pest problem.

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