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Rats and pests hate us
Rats & Pests hate us

Spiders in the garden eating tiny insects and bugs are doing you a service, spiders
however when they take up residence in and around your home they may
pose a serious threat to adults, children and pets.

Expert web spinners, spiders have been known to travel many kilometers by being blown to new locations via wind. They 'parachute' onto surfaces and take up residence, right alongside humans.

It can seem like a never ending job keeping up with spider and web removal.
Most active in the summer months, spiders are out and about in the evenings and nights, at the same time we humans are outside enjoying the cool night air, and are sleeping with less bed linen than usual.

AllType Pest Control can save you hours of work by spraying the outside of your home and structures, as well as the roof space and other places where spiders like to make their home.

   Redback Spiders

These spiders are one of the best known poisonous spiders. redback spider
The female Redback bite can cause death or severe illness. The majority of these bites are received on the buttocks of the body generally when someone is sitting on a chair or log, or on the hands or arms when reaching into dark close spaces.
Under the lip of plastic pot plant holders are a favourite haunt of these spiders.

The Redback spider can be found all over Australia and generally will hide in stacked articles, underneath tables and chairs particularly outside and in rubbish. Redback spiders can often be identified by their distinctive red strip along the top of their abdomen, but sometimes they can have an entirely black abdomen when they can be mistaken for your normal house spider, or the red can be a dull orange colour.

   White Tail Spiders

They are dark grey to black in colour with a white marking on the tip of its abdomen. white tailed spider
Generally on bathroom walls, under furniture or any other dark cool place.
If outside they can be found in leaf litter, bark, roof voids and eves around your house. The spider may become aggressive if touched or threatened.

Their bites are very painful and can cause ulceration in the area of the bite.
Recent television programs have said that necrosis of the tissue surrounding the bite can be caused by these spider bites, calling them "flesh eating spider bites"

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