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Rats and pests hate us
Rats & Pests hate us
   Rats and Mice - controlling infestations

A rat is the world's most resilient animal and is a major risk to the health of the community. rats and mice infestations
They can carry serious diseases such as the plague, dysentery, leptospirosis and typhus fever. Their fleas, lice and ticks can also adversely affect pets and humans. Their excreta and hair contaminate food and utensils causing food poisoning.

Rodents can be controlled by denying them food and shelter, and by trapping or baiting.
Store firewood away from the sides of sheds and fences where rats like to travel.
Remove garden clippings and mow long grass around the house and yard.
Block holes and other potential access points around all buildings and at access points in the eves and gutters.
Store bulk pet food in metal bins with tight fitting lids.

   Spot the Rat in your home

Signs of Rodents
Squeaking, gnawing or movement noises in walls, cupboards and ceilings and under floors.
Signs of gnawing damage.
Burrow holes around buildings.
Signs of fruit and vegetables growing in the garden having been eaten.
Other signs exist and your pest exterminator will be able to spot them after an inspection.

   Methods of controlling Rats and Mice

Poison baits are the most successful way of destroying rats
Your pest controller will ensure they are not accessible to children or pets and he can return to see whether rats have been eating them.

You can try trapping them yourself using a wooden `back break' trap.
Try different types of bait such as nuts, peanut butter, apple, pumpkin seed or even chocolate, as some people have reported success using it.

Report any signs or sightings of rats to your local government's Environmental Health Officer and seek their advice on control measures. Occupiers and owners of premises are required by law to prevent harbourage of rats and secure their destruction.

   For your safety, use only qualified Pesticide Operators

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