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Rats and pests hate us
Rats & Pests hate us

The fleas found in and around our homes and on our pets are often referred to as "Cat Fleas" or "Sand Fleas" - although if you have ever gone on holiday with your pet, and been 'eaten alive' by fleas on your return, you could be excused for thinking of them as "Human Fleas"control fleas

Adult fleas can live for months without a host (meal of blood) and can live for up to 1.5 years, during which time they can lay hundreds of eggs. Summer is the ideal breeding season for fleas, and thelarvae feed on human and animal material such as discarded flakes of dead skin and other organic materials. They hide in carpets, bedding, building and furniture cracks and crevices, soil and areas where pets are housed. Flea pupa in their cocoons, can lay dormant for more than a year.

You could try to remove the flea problem from your home by energetic and careful application of a good vacuum cleaner. Every nook, cranny and crevace must be vacuumed, with attention given to every room in the house, including pet areas.

A less energetic method of flea removal is to give us a call to do it for you.
We know the problem areas and can advise you on steps to take before we arrive, such as a visit to a vet for pets so that fleas will not re-infest your home.


Swarming bees are generally seen during spring, and when they decide to settle bees swarming
in your yard they can be potentially dangerous for humans as well as pets.
Always call a professional to remove the swarm safely.

Do not attempt to treat them yourselves using an store bought aerosol spray cans, water or smoke. You are risking your safety and that of others.

Wait till the bees have congregated in one place, and are no longer swarming.
This could take up to an hour or more.

If bees have entered your home or a shed looking for a place to nest, close off the section they are in, and lock the doors so no one can enter and place themselves in danger.

Call us as soon as possible to have the swarm removed safely.


Silverfish are a flat, wingless, whitish to greyish (silver) colour insect, that are very quick on their feet and have a distinctively "prehistoric" look about them. silverfish
Mainly active at night they prefer to live in dark and damp places by day and feed at night. They can often be found in bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens, where the conditions are perfect for them to live. Live evidence of their existence can often found in bathtubs, sinks or wash basins because they fall in and are unable to climb out. They eat materials and foods that are high in protein, sugar and starch. Some of the items that can often be eaten by silverfish are books, wall paper, starch clothes, rayon fabrics, glue, bookbinding’s, paper, photographs, cereals, leather and even dead insects. They can go with out food for several months.

AllType Pest Control can spray your home to protect against these destructive bugs.


paper wasps Paper Wasps nests are a roundish honeycomb design and are off-white in colour, usually suspended in a quiet protected area. Their nests are generally located in tree branches and on buildings under awnings or eves. They will only sting when they feel that their nest is threatened or if disturbed when gardening. .

Mud Wasps
These are also black and yellow in colour, and their nests are made of mud. Their mud tunnels can be found on buildings. They lay their eggs in their nests inside captured spiders and then they leave, allowing the new wasps to hatch with a ready food supply on hand.

European Wasps
Nests can be found in vents, building cavities, holes in trees, holes in the ground and european wasp
even in ceilings of houses. European Wasps have a yellow body and legs and they have black triangular markings on their abdomen. They are larger than a bee and unlike a bee, each wasp can sting multiple times.

Never ever disturb these wasps, as they release a chemical which incites all members of the nest to vigorously defend the nest. People have died from inadvertently disturbing nests, or mistaking them for bees. Bees are slightly smaller than this wasp and not as yellow.


Black ants, Brown ants, and the White Footed house ant are fairly common sights among suburban homes.
They are, however not welcome within our homes due to the diseases they carry.ants in the home

Quite often, due to their small size, ants are often overlooked as the source of infections or disease. People look to flies or cockroaches as the source. Generally regarded as a nuisance, these ants may carry on the bodies or within their digestive tracts such organisms as those causing dysentery, and even smallpox.
This is not hard to imagine, when you think about the nature of ants and their foraging habits and habitats. Found one day dining on dog faeces, the next day in your garbage bin, they are hardly welcome within your kitchen.

.Fire Ants are probably the most serious ant pest in the world. Golden to reddish brown and only 2 to 6 mm in length, their stings leave blisters then pustules.
Report suspected sightings of these ants to a pest controller immediately. Deaths have occurred from multiple stings

   For your safety, use only qualified Pesticide Operators

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