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   Mosquito bites can carry fatal diseases

Murray Valley Encephalitis.
MVE is a potentially fatal mosquito-borne disease in the north of Western Australia.mosquito
The only way humans can catch MVE virus is by being bitten by a virus-carrying mosquito.
Approximately one person in a thousand will develop disease symptoms after being bitten by an infected mosquito. Most do not develop any disease symptoms at all.
There is no vaccine to prevent Murray valley encephalitis, and there is no medical cure.

Ross River Virus.
People are infected via mosquito bite, and symptoms may continue for some months or even years in certain individuals.

Barmah Forest Virus.
This virus has very similar symptoms to Ross River Virus.

   Methods of bite prevention

Mosquito Control
Effective mosquito control is currently not possible in most areas of Western Australia where MVE virus occurs because the mosquito breeding areas which require treatment are large and hard to reach. Some local governments do carry out insecticide fogging to kill adult mosquitoes but this is only partially and temporarily effective and cannot be relied upon for effective disease prevention.

Try to avoid contact with mosquitoes
The main mosquito carrier of MVE virus is most active around sunset and for the first few hours of the evening. Therefore, plan barbecues and sporting events for daytime or early evening rather than after sunset. Adult mosquitoes are very susceptible to their bodies drying out, so they are much less active during daylight and in windy conditions than at night or on cloudy, humid, still days. Generally, mosquitoes are most active for one to three hours after sunset and again around dawn. It is therefore possible to reduce the risk of contracting mosquito-borne viruses by timing outdoor activities to avoid periods of greatest mosquito activity.

Use clothing and insect repellent
Cover up with long, loose-fitting and preferably light-coloured clothing to prevent mosquito bites - remember that mosquitoes can bite through clothing which is tight against the skin (even denim jeans). When outdoors, particularly after sunset, carry an effective mosquito repellent for use if mosquitoes are around. The most effective repellents contain either diethyl toluamide (DEET) at between S and 20 per cent (50200g/litre) or Picaridin, and are most effective in lotion form.
Mosquito repellents are an important way of avoiding exposure to mosquito-borne diseases. However, as with all chemicals they should be applied in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, especially to infants and young children.

   For your safety, use only qualified Pesticide Operators

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